Repeat DUI Offender Todd Grudznki Sentenced To Life In Prison
Todd K. Grudznski, 47, with six prior DWI convictions, is convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for a DWI crash that killed Angela Wimmer, 25. The crash happend at 12:47 local time 30 September 2018 in Lakewood, Colorado when Grudznski, driving a truck at a high rate of speed, crashed into the rear end of Wimmer's car, which was stopped at a red-phase traffic control signal.
Run time: 1:41
Source channel: CBS Colorado
Call letters: KCNC
Channel number: 4
City of license: Denver, Colorado
Network: DBS
Tags: {47-year-old driver}{fatal}{repeat offender}{6 priors}{Colorado}
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