Driver Charged With DUI Manslaughter After 4 Killed, 7 Hurt In I-95 Crash
Lionel Orrego, 42, faces four counts of DWI manslaughter after a crash just after 1:00 local time on 31 August 2018 on Interstate 95 near Northwest 62nd Street in Miami, Florida. A motorcyclist had crashed and other persons were assisting him when Orrego crashed into them, killing Alina Ghani, 21, Randy Benjamin, 38, John Garzon, 25, and Meryl Diaz, 27, and injuring seven persons, including Matthew Gutierrez, 22, and James Isadore, 38, who were seriously injured and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.
Run time: 2:37
Source channel: CBS Miami
Call letters: WFOR
Channel number: 4
City of license: Miami, Florida
Network: CBS
Tags: {42-year-old driver}{bystanders get involved}{fatal}{motorcycle}{personal injury}{Florida}
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