Driver sentenced for wrong-way OVI crash that left a woman dead
Jeb N. McGeorge, 21, born October 1998 is charged with DWI causing death, for a head-on crash on U.S. 50 in Dearborn County, Indiana shortly after 0:00 local time 27 June 2020. In the other car were Alejandra Aguero-Vazquez, 21, born 23 June 1999, who was killed and Carlos A. Solis. Test results found Xanax and THC in McGeorge's system.
Run time: 0:27
Source channel: LOCAL 12
Call letters: WKRC
Channel number: 12
City of license: Cincinnati, Ohio
Network: none
Tags: {21-year-old driver}{fatal}{personal injury}{Indiana}
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