HORRIFIC CRASH: Driver charged with DUI in fatal Walnut Creek crash that claimed two teenagers lives
A car with five teenagers on the fly-over connecting eastbound Route 24 with Interstate 680 in Walnut Creek, California flew off the overpass and plunged, killing Mr. Dakarai Rishon Fagorala, 17 and Mr. John Hamed Walizada, 18 and injuring the driver and two passengers, just after 4:00 local time 12 August 2018. The driver, Ramya Ramey, 18, is charged with DWI.
Run time: 3:10
Source channel: KPIX CBS SF Bay Area
Call letters: KPIX
Channel number: 5
City of license: San Francisco, California
Network: CBS
Tags: {18-year-old driver}{15-20 kills somebody}{15-20 gets killed}{fall from bridge}{California}{personal injury}
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