The DWI Channel

The DWI Channel

The idea is to present DWI disaster stories in a highly effective way. The television news professionals are skilled at keeping their viewers engaged, and The DWI Channel harnesses their skills to get the message across far more effectively than any lecture would. Most viewers will not know any of the persons involved in any given news story, but the coverage still makes the disaster very real.

The DWI Channel does not compete with the television station’s news coverage. Folks who want the latest news will watch it on television. After seeing a local news clip on The DWI Channel, they might be more likely to select that station, to watch the latest news.

About the only way The DWI Channel might do harm to the television news industry is when The DWI Channel successfully reduces the carnage on the roads, and the local stations will have fewer stories to report. Is that bad?

Some television stations’ websites are designed to allow the end-user to embed and share news clip videos, but this does not allow downloading them, hosting them on The DWI Channel and including them in a playlist with other stations’ clips. The DWI Channel needs permission to host the video clips. Many stations’ news clips are easy to download, but obviously permission is still required. The only editing is when a split second of another story is at the beginning or end of the featured story. That part of the video or audio might be edited out. All of the station labels are left intact, especially because this adds value to the message. A label is also added before each segment to identify the source station, location, date of broadcast and the domain name of the station’s website.

The DWI Channel,, is operated by Tom Alciere, P.O. Box 106, Nashua NH 03061 U.S.A. email link.

ATTENTION DEVELOPERS: I found this code at after trying for days to make a video PLAYLIST play. There's plenty of stuff on how to embed one video but nothing useful on how to embed a playlist until I found this. I wanted to leave a note to thank the person who posted it but I didn't have a score high enough to leave a comment. Other people offered such stuff as the HTML code, the CSS code and the Javascript code without saying how to put it all together.

Build Your Own

It might be that these work on a Mac and not on a PC.

To include more videos, copy the code below and paste it into a blank TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows) and save the file as playlist.html and then play it on your browser. More stories can be added from the playlist.txt file.

I haven't figured out how to make the playlist skip absent videos, or loop yet.

High School Edition:

TV Stations:

Of course, there are things you can do on your end to prevent your server from delivering the videos in the above playlist, if you want to be like that. Just remember that the teenager who is told to watch the playlist before borrowing the car on prom night could crash into somebody you like. Your TV station can pay with bandwidth or innocent persons can pay with blood. You decide.

If you don’t want to pay for the bandwidth then give me permission to host your video on email.