The DWI Channel

Without Further Comment — General Edition (for probation officers, rehabilitation facilities)

The DWI Channel

The idea is to present DWI disaster stories in a highly effective way. The television news professionals are skilled at keeping their viewers engaged, and The DWI Channel harnesses their skills to get the message across far more effectively than any lecture would. Most viewers will not know any of the persons involved in any given news story, but the coverage still makes the disaster very real.

It was frustrating to ask TV stations for permission to use their clips. Most have a policy against it. However, nothing is stopping me from embedding the YouTube videos the TV stations upload, in a playlist.

Probation officers and rehabilitation facilities should have their clients watch the General Edition, which runs longer. You can set it to loop and leave it running in the lounge instead of TV shows. With YouTube Premium, you can eliminate the lengthy commercials that would require babysitting the monitor to stop them.

High school students can benefit more from the shorter High School Edition, which is perfect for the one who protests that everybody is picking on young persons when so many older adults drive drunk, too. Require the student to watch the playlist after passing the road test, and before borrowing the car on prom night.

Without Further Comment — High School Edition (for students who care, driver ed teachers, and parents)

The DWI Channel,, is operated by Tom Alciere, P.O. Box 106, Nashua NH 03061 U.S.A. email link.

Build Your Own

It is easy to find the YouTube channels for TV news stations, but I am building a partial list at Also, here are some playlists that do not involve YouTube:

It might be that these work on a Mac and not on a PC.

To include more videos, copy the code below and paste it into a blank TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows) and save the file as playlist.html and then play it on your browser. More stories can be added from the playlist.txt file.

I haven't figured out how to make the playlist skip absent videos, or loop yet.

High School Edition:

TV Stations:

Of course, there are things you can do on your end to prevent your server from delivering the videos in the above playlist, if you want to be like that. Just remember that the teenager who is told to watch the playlist before borrowing the car on prom night could crash into somebody you like. Your TV station can pay with bandwidth or innocent persons can pay with blood. You decide.

If you don’t want to pay for the bandwidth then give me permission to host your video on email.